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    Hot Wife Stories
    Girl Talk
    It was late, way after midnight, and Dr. Holden Knight was attempting to be quiet so as not to wake up his wife as he undressed getting ready for bed. The moonlight streamed through the open window and cast a yellow glow upon the face of Miranda, his wife of ten years...

    Home Alone
    My wife works as a secretary for a small entertainment management company. She was called out to San Diego for a weeklong business conference that the executives had to attend. With her gone for a week, I decided to stop by a local adult video shop and pick up a couple of tapes to watch while she was away.

    Horny Neighbors
    I live in an area of town known as the "Pink Triangle." It's a fairly affluent area populated with a number of gay and lesbian couples. My particular apartment building was made out of an old automobile factory which was converted into loft apartments a number of years ago. About half of the building is either gay or lesbian.

    On the Beach
    When we were in college my girlfriend (now my wife) and I spent a summer in Hawaii. We rented a condo near the beach and I worked as a lifeguard and she worked as a waitress in a total dive of a bar. About halfway through the summer, we had a couple of Siobhan’s girlfriends come and stay with us.

    I met Nancy at the bar where we both worked. It wasn't long after we met that we became intimate. We never had a serious relationship, we pretty much just used each other as someone to have sex with. There weren’t any strings and because Nancy and I got along so well, the sex was always terrific.

    Overnight Guest
    My wife, Shelly, and I were camping when I first brought up the idea of her sleeping with another man. We had spent the day hiking and were sitting by the campfire. I was rubbing her shoulders when the subject of our sexual fantasies came up. She was shocked, but I told her that it was one of my deepest fantasies to watch her fuck another man.

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