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    Hot Wife Stories
    Horny Neighbors
    I live in an area of town known as the "Pink Triangle." It's a fairly affluent area populated with a number of gay and lesbian couples. My particular apartment building was made out of an old automobile factory which was converted into loft apartments a number of years ago. About half of the building is either gay or lesbian.

    My next-door-neighbors are a young lesbian couple. Jane is in her mid-twenties, is about six feet tall and has a tanned, athletic figure. She spends a lot of time in the pool, and it shows. Her partner, Gwen, couldn't be much older than twenty-one or twenty-two. She has a fuller figure than Jane, but would never be considered plump or fat by any stretch of the imagination. As they lived next door to me, I knew them pretty well, and we’d gone out with each other on a number of occasions. They make a cute couple and are obviously very much in love with each other.

    The three of us were sitting in the bar that takes up the first floor of our building. It's one of those dimly-lit places with an odd assortment of bric-a-brac on the walls and a wait staff that acts in a politely hostile manner towards its clientele. We were drinking mixed drinks at a table, just chatting, when Gwen invited me back to their apartment. It was clear that she meant it was for more than just a nightcap.

    Being male, I was surprised to be propositioned by her, and I told her so. Jane smiled at me and said that it was a fantasy of theirs: to share a man together. They toys they had didn't cut it, their gay friends weren't into it, and they wanted somebody they could trust. They had known me for about a year and a half, enjoyed my company, and were more than willing to bed me if I wanted it. I told them I was all for it, so we paid our tab and went upstairs to their apartment.

    Once there, we immediately went into their bedroom. As our apartments are large lofts, their bedroom is very spacious with a wall of frosted-over factory windows and a king-sized bed sitting in the middle of the room. Giggling with each other, Jane and Gwen pulled off their T-shirts and bras, revealing two pairs of large firms breasts with small but erect nipples. They then pulled off their jeans, leaving on their underwear. Gwen was wearing a pair of white cotton briefs and Jane had on some tiny red silky panties. They kissed each other and then looked at me, telling me that I should get undressed.

    I took off my shoes and socks and tossed them aside. I then pulled off my shirt and pants and stood beside the bed in nothing but my boxers. My cock was hard as steel and created quite a tent in my underwear. Jane and Gwen knelt down on the hardwood floor before me and Gwen reached up and fished my cock out through the hole in the front of my boxers. She started to lick and kiss the end, wetting it with her saliva before sliding it into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down on my shaft for only a moment before she stopped altogether and pulled my boxers to the floor.

    She then returned my dick to her mouth, and Jane moved in beside her to take my balls gently into her hand. Then Jane moved underneath me and started licking at my testicles. She tenderly took the first into her warm mouth and sucked on it lightly.

    Gwen pulled away from the fantastic blowjob she was giving me and told me to get on the bed. I sat down and both Gwen and Jane removed their underwear before joining me on their bed. I lay back and pulled Jane on top of me, positioning her dark triangle above my face. She sucked my cock into her mouth while I probed her cunt with my tongue. Gwen lay down between my legs and kissed my balls as Jane concentrated on the shaft. My attention was focused on Jane's little clit, which I pressed my tongue against strongly. Jane exploded in a shuddering orgasm, drenching my face with her sweet juices.

    Gwen then straddled my body, and I felt my cock engulfed in her hot slipper pussy. She began bouncing slowly up and down on my erect shaft while her partner licked and sucked at her clit. Her rhythm started slow and smooth, but as she approached orgasm, her pace quickened. I kept kissing and sucking at the beautiful cunt in front of my face while another fucked my cock into oblivion. Gwen began strong pounding strokes and I pushed my hips up to meet her with every thrust. With my cock deep inside her and Jane’s tongue concentrating on her clit, Gwen began to come. She panted and moaned, pushing me over the edge. I felt my cock pule and swell and begin shooting stream after stream of hot come into Gwen's sweet pussy.

    Gwen settled her weight down onto me and the three of us were still. She and Jane got up off of me and kissed each other passionately. Then they looked at me and asked if I wanted a drink. I said yes and Gwen went into the kitchen to get something for all of us.

    Jane asked if I wanted to stay the night. I told her that I'd love to and leaned over to kiss her.

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