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    Hot Wife Stories
    On the Beach
    When we were in college my girlfriend (now my wife) and I spent a summer in Hawaii. We rented a condo near the beach and I worked as a lifeguard and she worked as a waitress in a total dive of a bar. About halfway through the summer, we had a couple of Siobhan's girlfriends come and stay with us.

    One night that Siobhan had off, we went out onto the beach with her friend Jenna and a couple of bottles of rum. We sat and looked at the stars and listened to the pounding of the surf. Before long, we were pretty trashed.

    Siobhan and I started making out. We thought Jenna was asleep. I had my hand down Siobhan's swimsuit and was rubbing her pussy when I heard Jenna say that she didn't want to be left out. Siobhan said that she should join in and then Jenna came over and started kissing her. I couldn't believe it!

    I continued to finger Siobhan's tight pussy and Jenna pulled off Siobhan's top to kiss her tits. Then I took off my suit and pulled Siobhan's to the side. I slid into her hot pussy in one stroke while Jenna continued kissing her tits. It wasn't long before I came. We rested a bit and kissed each other and then I fucked Jenna while Siobhan sat on her face.

    The rest of the time Jenna stayed with us we spent fucking and sucking in every imaginable way. She was only with us for about two weeks, but it was the most exciting two weeks of my life. Since then, we have had many threesomes, usually with another woman. We've even talked about going to a swinger's club here in town. If we do, I'll let you know what happens.

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